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Self Assessment 2017

This was my second time doing a Magellan Project during my college life. Last time, I did a Magellan in Hawaii after my freshman year to explore the Polynesian culture in Hawaii and to study how Hawaii, as a popular traveling place, became the cross road of Eastern and Western culture. That experience was an amazing and surprising journey which gave me a chance to discover myself and my potentials. Therefore, I decided to do another Magellan project this year. Inspired by the cultural exploration from my first Magellan, I intended to study more about the different cultures regard to their religion and aesthetic. I focused more on Asia this time, I traveled to Thailand and Taiwan for three weeks in total.
Thailand, named as the Kingdom of Thailand, has been ruled by the king for centuries. Hence, a large part of Thai culture heritage came from the royalty. Also, as a Buddhist country, religion has a huge impact on the culture of Thailand. Nowadays, as the traveling industry expended qu…

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Magellan Project 2017